Solve a problem. Share your knowledge. Build a list. Launch new products.
Grow your business.

Are you ready to start building your list, helping more clients, and actually having fun as an entrepreneur?

Don't let a lack of leads PARALYZE your business growth!

Learn how to build an email list of interested subscribers so you can market your products & services to a larger pool of qualified people. Once you start building an email list, you can...

Share Your Knowledge

Build trust. Use your email list to consistently share helpful information with your subscribers.

Keep On Building

Gain Momentum. Start putting into place other ways you can capture emails. Every email address counts!

Launch Cool Products

Get creative. Start packaging your ideas & generic services into unique offers to promote to your subscribers.

Grow Your Business

Celebrate! Once people start to buy your products through email, you'll see firsthand the power of email marketing.

What would an email list of qualified leads do for your business?

Imagine being able to launch a new offer, product, service bundle, or course to an audience of people ready to buy...

This is the power of having your own email list of interested subscribers. And once you know how to build a list, it will only continue to grow with time.  With an email list, you can finally launch as many new offers as you'd like.

Regain your motivation and tap back into your creativity to launch products, services or online courses that you know will help your subscribers.


Yes! I'm ready to grow my business using the power of list-building.

During the next 4 weeks, learn how to set up your very own list-building system so that you can take advantage of the benefits of email marketing.


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Vicky Snyder

I'm a copywriter who specializes in helping service providers share their expertise through email marketing campaigns that build honest relationships with their subscribers.

Ange Chloe Tucker Transparent

Angela Kafadar

I'm the Content Coordinator for Clevely Web Co. We design, build and host websites for our clients and come up with strategies to help them build their business by upping their online presence so they can be easily found online.


In this 4-week group training, you'll learn everything you need to know to start building your own list of "hot" leads.

Follow along each week as we show you exactly how to set up this proven system.

Create Your Juicy Free Offer By Teaching a Masterclass

What's the BEST way to find out who your "hot leads" are? We'll tell you! It all starts with creating a juicy offer.

Fill in Our Template Landing Page

Don't stare at a blank screen! Use our template to launch your juicy offer. We'll show you how to edit it with confidence.

Pre-written Email Sequence to Follow Up

An automated email sequence makes the follow-up easy & efficient. We'll offer up our favourite sequence & software to use, and show you how to use it!

Create Excitement and Curiosity

Playing on excitement & curiosity is a sure-fire way to have someone register. By following the steps in our workbook, you'll learn how to do this.


Wednesdays @ 3 pm EST || Starting September 7th to Oct 5th (90 minutes).


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building my own email list.

Over the course of 4 live 90-min Zoom sessions, we'll teach you everything you need to know about how to start building your very own email list of people who want your services!



"I'd been looking for a solution for a landing page system that wasn't too far out of my budget, yet not completely "Do-It-Yourself". Ange and Vicky are very easygoing and helpful. Their personal attention was very important to me."

Araceli Hernandez Transition Wealth Advisor


Hailey Patry
Life Coach, Speaker, Author



“Omgosh! I'm just going through the nurture sequence y'all created for our Pageburger accounts! It's pretty freakin' fabulous. It would take me forever to do this myself and it would never sound that good. Thank you!“

Carole Parsons
Video Producer & Coach